Growing Garlic


Growing Great Garlic is the title of a well known text on the subject by Ron Engeland. Not a bad place to start if you are interested in this unique specialty crop. Penn State and other Land Grant Universities also have good information, if you plan to grow this crop.

The University of Minnesota Extension has produced an excellent garlic growing guide that is a good first read if this crop is new to you, or for beginning vegetable growers. It covers all of the essentials…. varieties, planting procedures, pests, soil fertility, harvest, and storage. It also contains an excellent list of references and further reading. To this list, I would add The Complete Book of Garlic by Ted Jordan Meredeth, a recently published (2008), comprehensive look at this species and its culture. Penn State’s Commercial Vegetable Production Guide has a section on garlic culture but beginning growers will want to gain greater perspective on this crop’s culture than the guide provides. Our Ag Alternatives Garlic publication has sample budgets and additional information.